Celebrating 20 years of executive education designed specifically for water and wastewater professionals.

Exceptional leadership is essential as water and wastewater utilities strive to thrive as utilities of the future.  The Water & Wastewater Leadership Center arms utility executives with the management and leadership skills they need to excel as they meet the challenges of today – and seize the opportunities of tomorrow.

Training That Benefits You and Your Utility

Participants will enhance their management skills and further develop their leadership style.  The Leadership Center class will:
  • Learn how to think and act like leaders
  • Enhance their ability to make decisions and lead confidently
  • Develop strategic thinking skills
  • Learn to provide leadership in challenging situations
  • Understand the changing global economic environment
  • Enlarge their perspective on what is possible for their utility
  • Increase the focus on results, productivity, and higher levels of achievement
  • Broaden their understanding of the evolving utility and its changing business environment.

Who Should Attend?

The Leadership Center’s curriculum is designed for current and up-and-coming public and private water and wastewater utility leaders including CEOs, General Managers, Senior Managers, and upper-level management.

Key Course Elements Demonstrate Leadership Strategies Through:

  • Utility business assessment, personal performance evaluation, and improvement planning
  • Self-awareness and assessment
  • Preparation of individual action plans
  • Examination of challenges facing public utilities now and in the future
  • Discussions of critical water and wastewater industry topics.

Curriculum Focuses on Important Leadership Skills

The Center’s exceptional executive leadership curriculum focuses on:
  • Setting Priorities & Empowering Employees
  • Conflict Management
  • Strategic Change in an Uncertain Environment
  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Foundations of Finance
  • Technology & Business Innovation
  • Effective Leadership Communication
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Negotiations
  • Power, Politics & Influence
  • Motivation & Performance Management
  • Leading Organizational Change.
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The Water & Wastewater Leadership Center
offers exceptional curriculum taught by unequaled UNC faculty, invaluable connection to others in the sector, and a truly unparalleled learning experience.  We invite you to apply today!