“This is an extremely valuable educational experience. All of the instructors are very knowledgeable, make the subject matter relevant to our everyday work, and push us to take a broader perspective. I will definitely encourage others from my organization to attend.”

Laurie Pierce, 2018 Alumnus
Operations & Facilities Director, LOTT Clean Water Alliance, WA

“My experience with this class was incredible!  I honestly looked forward to each day as the teachers, material and group activities were all outstanding!  The best part of the experience was the fact that all of the material was relevant and applicable for, not only my current, but future roles.  I also truly appreciate and value the relationships that were built through this experience.  Truly invaluable!

I can’t wait to encourage others to participate in the future!”

Karen E. Ray, 2017 Alumnus
Assistant Public Utilities Director, City of Raleigh, NC

“I would like to say that in my personal and professional academic experience, I had never been afforded the opportunity to be taught by such highly talented instructors. Although at times I felt tired, their subjects and specifically their delivery of curriculum kept me so engaged that hours felt like minutes. I cannot say enough about the NC staff, they have left me a changed professional for the better!

When I was afforded the opportunity to attend this program, I was excited, but a bit unsure of what to expect. Not knowing any better I expected it to parallel other professional training classes I had in the past that were moderately successful. What I found was a program that immediately began to evolve me into a better manager. I left the program feeling excited, confident & empowered.”

Armando Lopez, 2017 Alumnus
Manager, Treatment and Disposal Services, Union Sanitary District, CA

“Thoroughly enjoyed the two week training session covering everything from strategy, finance, technical advancements and organizational culture.  Getting to know and interact with the excellent instructors and fellow students was great.”

Ronald D. Jacobsma, 2017 Alumnus
Assistant General Manager – Administration, Contra Costa Water District, CA

“After twenty-seven years of professional conferences, seminars and executive leadership sessions, I thought I had experienced just about everything, well I was wrong. The Water & Wastewater Leadership proved that listening and learning is a lifelong adventure and when you have professionals with varied backgrounds it can make the learning fun and meaningful.”

Guy Boyle, 2016 Alumnus
Executive Vice President of Business Operations & CFO, Macon Water Authority, GA, Class of 2016

“The Water & Wastewater Leadership Center clarified the significant differences between management and leadership – and provided me with many tools and a different perspective to make the most of the second half of my career.”

James Wallace, 2013 Alumnus
Director of Water Services, Portland Water District, ME

“It was an honor to participate with fellow water and wastewater professionals in the 2016 Class of the Water & Wastewater Leadership Center. The instructors were wonderful and I was able to immediately implement the knowledge and skills that were obtained in the two week executive training program. As our industry and workforce changes, the tools provided will prove to be invaluable in leading innovation in the water quality field.”

Christel Dyer, 2016 Alumnus
Senior Plant Manager, Hampton Roads Sanitation District, VA

“The Leadership Center provided a forum to raise awareness of the issues facing investor owned utilities and the opportunity to network and interact with leaders from some of the largest water and wastewater utilities in the country was invaluable. I know that I am a more effective leader because of my experience at the Water and Wastewater Leadership Center.”

Craig Blanchette, 2012 Alumnus
Vice President/Operations Manager, Aqua Illinois, IL

“The experience was awesome! The instructors were knowledgeable and kept the class engaged. Also presented recent events and concerns and realistic scenarios in class and workshops. I appreciated the time to get the perspectives from the other participants as well.”

Andy Rossiter, 2016 Alumnus
Superintendent, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, OH

“Simply put, this is a World Class Leadership Program administered by World Class practitioners. Each session was engaging and I learned a great deal from my cohort of outstanding water and wastewater professionals. A significant value to me was gaining self-awareness about my leadership style. I am certain this will help me make major strides in the art of leading people.”

Calvin D. Farr, Jr., P.E., 2016 Alumnus
Group Leader, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, MD

“The Water & Wastewater Leadership Center provided me with broad exposure to a number of relevant disciplines taught by a top-notch, experienced faculty. The leadership skills and training this program provided are invaluable as we each return to our own utilities with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper set of professional relationships. It is an excellent program and I highly recommend it to any aspiring or current leader in the water/wastewater industry.”

Mark Kim, 2014 Alumnus
Chief Financial Officer, DC Water, DC